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Dear Tim,

Wow!  Your presentation blew me away.  You conveyed so much of the information about EV ownership that many of us have been asking about for a long time.  Our attendance numbers speak to the level of interest... 100% of the members who started the virtual meeting were still on line when it officially ended and 86% stayed on to hear more.  Thank you for taking the time to inform our group about the future of electric mobility!

Peter R.

Probus Club of Pelham


Hi Tim,


Thank you so much for a fabulous presentation this morning at our Midland-Huronia Probus Club. I have been receiving a lot of positive feedback from our members. I was pleased to see so many questions and interaction with the audience.  And, you taught us a new aspect to ZOOM.  Great job!


Marianne C.


I only had a passing interest in electric vehicles and was not expecting too much on Tuesday but afterwards I felt that Tim Burrows presentation was one of the best that I have heard from Men’s Shed in a long time.

Bill L.


I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you, both on a personal and Probus level, for all you contributed to our General Meeting, today.
Your presentation was extremely enlightening, and I have since been told by several members, that they will out looking for electric cars in the coming days. It’s a good sign when your audience not only listens, but believes!
On a personal basis, I very much appreciate your patience with “Zoom” training, and handling the controls.  It was thanks to you that we had such a successful meeting.
And I had a thought – perhaps you would like to come back early next year, to do a follow up presentation, and more importantly - meet our members live.
Susan H Cameron, President, Probus Club of Toronto


We were a little apprehensive when Tim offered to give a virtual presentation using Zoom as we were not overly familiar with the technology and wondered how our members would respond. We need not have worried! After a brief demonstration to our Management Committee and a pre-talk practice, our first virtual meeting went very smoothly with the on-line presentation integrated into our normal agenda. Tim’s talk was engaging and informative and the extra time spent answering questions demonstrated the high level of interest from the audience.
I have no reservations in recommending Tim Burrows as a guest speaker, and encourage other PROBUS clubs to look into using Zoom as a way of maintaining contact with their members while in-person meetings are not possible.
Andrew Bond
President, PROBUS Club of Ottawa-Rideau Valley


The Probus Club of North York was very pleased to have Tim Burrows as a speaker. Not only was Tim willing to host our general meeting with Zoom video conferencing, but provided us with some great Zoom training. Tim's presentation was very well done providing interesting facts about electric cars complete with slides and video.  There were so many questions from our members that we ran out of time, but Tim followed up with our club and provided us with the rest of the answers. The Probus Club of North York highly recommends Tim as a speaker.

Fée K.
President North York Probus


Our Cooksville Probus Club had scheduled Tim Burrows to present to us at our regular monthly meeting at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga on April 16th. Due to Covid 19, we were forced to cancel our meeting and by extension, Tim's presentation.

Tim proposed that we try to hold our meeting virtually, using Zoom, which we agreed to do. This was a first for us and was made easy by Tim's willingness to arrange for and take care of everything, including costs, and to even give our Executive an instructional test run prior to the meeting.

The meeting was a huge success as we had 89 computer sign-ins for the meeting resulting in over 130 participants. Tim not only gave his oral presentation but was able to show his power point slides, a number of videos and field questions following his talk both verbally and using the chat function.

The feedback for both the format of the meeting and the content, was all very positive and has led us to look at this for our future meetings that cannot be held in person.

Thanks Tim for your outside the box approach and willingness to make this happen for us as well as your enlightening talk.


Bruce T.   Speakers Committee

Probus Club of Cooksville


Hi Tim,  
I would like to personally thank you for providing our members with such an articulate, comprehensive, and interesting presentation today. You definitely clarified “our understanding “ as relates to ownership of an EV as opposed to a gas vehicle. Certainly your discussion addressed “the myths and misconceptions“ related to battery - electric cars. I have had very complimentary feedback from our members.
Thank you again for sharing your “wealth of knowledge “ with us.



Christine K. Speakers’ Committee,

Probus Club of Alliston, ON


Hi Tim:

Again, on behalf of our PROBUS Club, I would like to thank you for coming to Richmond Hill and sharing your experience and knowledge on electric cars. Your very informative and interesting presentation today was nothing short of amazing.

As you can tell by the number of people asking questions, there was a very genuine interest, no doubt peaked largely due to your very insightful talk.

Thank you, Tim, for enlightening us


Gary Christie 
Co-chair Speaker Committee 

Richmond Hill



Thank you for your excellent presentation to the Ancaster Probus yesterday. Several ladies spoke with me following the talk admitting they were considering not coming because the talk was about electric cars; (expecting a highly technical talk about something off in the future).  They then commented that they were glad they came because they really enjoyed your talk.  Others told me what a great speaker you were.

I wish you well in your future speaking engagements.


Karen Laposa, Ancaster, ON.


Dear Tim


I would like to thank you so much for your most wonderful presentation on Tuesday evening at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club.


We received so many positive comments re your presentation from a content and delivery perspective. It was very clear to all of us that you are a very accomplished and knowledgeable speaker who is at home speaking to people about a fascinating topic.


First of all I thought that right from the beginning of your presentation people were appreciative of your low key, humble way of engaging with everyone in the room. Your were factual while at the same time light hearted and entertaining . Personally I was most impressed with the quality of your slides as they were interesting, easy to understand and contained just the right amount of relevant information.


As you compared the pros and cons of electric cars versus the traditional gasoline powered vehicles, you could see the wheels turning in people’s heads as they started to personalize whether NOW was the time for them to seriously consider purchasing an electric vehicle such as the Tesla. 


We were also impressed with the participation of our members and guests in the Q&A period which reflected the high level of interest in your presentation. There was a buzz in the dining room as the evening came to a close as folks stayed around to continue the conversation with their friends.


In closing Tim, on behalf of all of us , thank you so much for a most insightful and engaging presentation. It was an evening enjoyed by all. 


Warm regards, Roger

Chair, Whiff of Grape, Toronto


I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Tim Burrows (Tim Talks Tesla) speak on two occasions. Not by chance, but by choice! The subject matter, Tim Talks Tesla is an interesting, informative presentation certain to get you thinking “outside the box” and Tim Burrows is an engaging and entertaining speaker. Tim Burrows, a great addition to any speaker series.


Glenn Warnica, Ships or Trips, Burlington, ON

and the Burlington Executives Network​


Hello Tim...


I can't begin to tell you how much the members of our PROBUS Club enjoyed your presentation today.  Your knowledge, professionalism and ability to get your message across was first class.  You obviously have a great passion for the electric car subject matter and it came through in spades.  The added touch was giving our members a chance to get up close and personal with your Tesla car.  A great explanation and demonstration of what it is capable of doing.  And how timely your talk was as we are on the edge of this exciting new era in automotive transportation.  




Brian Fortune

Program Director

The PROBUS Club of Hamilton



I want to acknowledge the excellence of your talk this morning to our Probus Club. That the interest was high was evident by the number and variety of the questions you were asked. You handled the interruptions very well, and finished on time. The session in the parking lot was a bonus, especially the "Easter Egg," and the feedback from our members was uniformly positive.


Speaker's Committee Member

Burlington PROBUS Club


I commend Tim for his his talk and suspect he will soon be swamped with requests. I personally thoroughly enjoyed it and would strongly endorse it for other Clubs.-


PROBUS Club of Mississauga

Regards Bruce (Past Pres).




You you quickly captured our members imagination with your view of the future.   The lively question and answer exchange which followed your formal presentation was appreciated by all those present.   We highly recommend you as a keynote speaker for other PROBUS clubs or similar community groups.  

PROBUS Club of Streetsville

Management Committee


Read Bob Chamber's review of Tim's talk at the Probus club of Burlington.



Tim, a great presentation today.  I could tell from the large number of questions that our group really was interested. The demonstration that you did was fantastic, we don't often get most of the room (about 80) leaving the coffee break to take in something like you offered.

Gord Zatylny


Brampton, Flowertown Probus Club